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Moss Art Wall Frame

Moss Art Wall Frame

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Create your own little forest indoors! These one-of-a-kind Moss Art Wall Frames are handmade locally, require no watering and make for a lush, fun addition to your home. Put your green thumb to the test and add a bit of life to any wall! 🌿

Forest - 36” x 8.5 “ handmade solid wood frame, locally made, preserved ferns and mosses, sponge mushrooms, local driftwood and stones

Fern Magic - 16” Circle with rope handle. Preserved ferns and mosses, fungi and driftwood from B.C.

Beach Walk - 16” x 20” Preserved Moss, driftwood, stones, sponge mushrooms and dried golden mushrooms and a starfish!
Beach Treasures - 12” x 12” handmade solid wood frame
Forest Mini Hex - 5 1/4” x 5 1/4”, sold individually 

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