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Organic Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

Organic Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

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Farm & Forest Coffee Roasters are a Canadian, carbon-neutral, craft coffee company committed to protecting our forests from climate change. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains near the shores of the Pacific Ocean, their zero-impact Roasting Works procures speciality beans from organic farming partners around the world.

15¢ from every pound of coffee sold is donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for habitat and wildlife preservation.


Darkwoods is a breathtaking wilderness landscape in south-eastern British Columbia, home to hundreds of species including over 39 species at risk. It plays a central role in a network of parks, wildlife management areas and conservation lands that encompass over 1,100 km2. Large, connected, wild landscapes are critical for species like the grizzly bear and wolverine that require vast and varied habitats to thrive.

The Trembling Aspen gets its name from how its leaves quake in the wind. Their specialized leaves reduce aerodynamic drag and prevent damage to branch and trunk during high winds. They also have photosynthetic bark which enable them to grow during winter even after their leaves have dropped.

Selkirk Moose need multiple habitat types depending on the season. They stay cool in lakes and ponds throughout the summer and love high-elevation mixed forests (coniferous and deciduous). Moose are the largest species in the deer family and get their name from the Algonquian language.

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