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Handwoven Jute Laundry & Planter Basket

Handwoven Jute Laundry & Planter Basket

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Discover our hand-woven jute rope laundry basket and planter, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and intentional living. Crafted from sustainably-sourced materials, BSCI fair trade, and natural dyes, this basket offers more than just a home for your laundry. Mirroring their organic fibers, every basket presents distinct characteristics in terms of texture and tone.

Not only does it promise durability and resilience, but its breathable design also ensures proper airflow for your laundry or plants. Embrace a blend of tradition and modernity, utility and style, with this versatile basket that’s as much about purpose as it is about aesthetics.

Dimensions: 17" Diameter x 21" Height

Material: Natural Jute & Cotton Handwoven Rope | Natural Colors & Dyes

Use: Laundry storage, planter decor, multipurpose storage

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