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I'll Know It When I See It Single Vinyl Stickers

I'll Know It When I See It Single Vinyl Stickers

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Stickers for every personality: 

80% Thinker 20% Talker: For people with a filter, the quiet ones, those who don't need to fill every second of silence.

Said No Book Ever: For those who can't put it down, folks who are insomniac by way fo reading, times when sleep is not an option

I Don't Think You're Ready: For bubble tea addicts, those who appreciate a good early aughts music reference, tapioca enthusiasts.

Feed Me Tamagotchi: For digital pet enthusiasts, those who have very basic needs to be met, 90s lovers.

Fries are my Soulmate: For fried potato devotees, those who's love language is food, deep connections at the deep fryer

Golden Ray of MF Light: For those who shine bright, people with blinding personalities, folks that people want to be around.

I Need More Space: For folks who don't like to be crowded, spatially aware individuals, those who thrive on solo time

Sized 2.92" x 3". Semi-matte, exterior grade, UV + scratch resistant. Waterproof, dishwasher + microwave safe.

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