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Not Too Sweet Craft Soda

Not Too Sweet Craft Soda

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Our craft sodas are classic, spicy, fruity, and fizzy. They’re not like anything else you'll pour down your throat. They can keep up with your good times. They'll satiate your thirst for adventure. And they’re totally crush-worthy.

So if you like doing things a little differently, you're our kind of people. Come along for the ride!  

* NEW* Lychee Lemonade: Imagine Summer, feel the tropical heat, as you sip lemonade with a twist from the East!

Cola: Like a road trip with friends, or your favourite blue jeans, our cola's a classic, just without the caffeine! We crafted this cola to hit the perfect balance between citrus notes and warming spices. It's sweet, but Not Too Sweet. A cola 100% Made in Vancouver, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Fizzy Lemonade: Ever had a cool glass of arctic glacier water? Us neither. Our tart and fizzy lemonade is the next best thing!

Ginger Beer: A Moscow Mule's best friend! Our snappy ginger beer plays it cool with a sweet kick of medium heat. (No redheads were harmed in the making of this drink.) 

Root Beer: Root beer, a fan favourite. But is it more rootin' or tootin'? You be the judge!


Calories: 100 calories per can

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